FINAM Technology Fund I

Unit price vs. Broad Market, Rebased 12/2005 = 100
TickerMICEX, Security ID: RU000A0JNUN9
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Example of InvestmentsBadoo, Mamba, E-generator, Ashmanov & Partners, Money Mail, Buka…
  • FINAM Technology Fund I invests in high-growth companies operating in the TMT sector in Russia. Launched in late 2005, the Fund financed 7 companies and exited 3 of them.
  • The Fund was offered to the public as an ETF in June 2007. Since the IPO the unit price of the Fund increased by 6 times and net assets value grew by 7 times, significantly outperforming the broad market.
  • A trustee of FINAM Technology Fund I is managing company "Finam Management" owned by FINAM.
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